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Most of the models can be used in the 2 versions: suction use and filtering use.

The suction hood use must extract air with grease, fumes and vapours from the inside environment and then must expel them outside.

A filtering hood purifies the air with grease, fumes and vapours by means of carbon filters and then emits the purified air into the same environment.

Only when it is not possible to use the hood in the suction use, then it is possible to make the hood filtering with a filtering kit composed of deflector and carbon filter. We recommend to always take care of the national valid norms.

The metallic grease filters take any grease normally emitted in coking fumes, they can be hand washed or washed in dish-washer.

The carbon filters allow to retain the odours of the kitchen fumes and they must be replaced or regenerated periodically according to the type of the carbon used.

Deflector helps to convey the air taken from motor to the outside of the hood, bringing this back into the same environment.


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