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Condensation can occur in case of a long cooking with strong production of steam.
The physical process that is creating condensation has to do with warm steam that comes out of the pot and meets a difference in the temperature with the surface of the extractor hood that touches: this gives as consequence the formation of water drops.
When you have gas hobs the flame is making also the surroundings warm by irradiation, so the steam meets a lower difference in temperature and the formation of water drops is less. When you have electric and induction hobs the flame is not existing, so the steam meets a high difference in the temperature when it goes into contact with the extractor-hood surface and this brings to a high formation of condensation.
The INDUCTION SYSTEM applied to this products has been developped to work both with induction and electric and gas hobs, limitating the formation of condensation. The extractor hoods are equipped with a tank inside from which it is possible to collect the condensated steam and grease drops.

WD 1121

WD 1134

WD 1134 I

WD 1135

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