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Sil Fim is using for its own hoods some different types of controls, from the mechanical ones to the electronic ones which allow automatic operations.

Hood control
Hood control
Hood control
Remote control

Showing the operation

The hood is showing the working state by means of a lighting or acoustic signal.

Intensive Speed

It activates the motor at the highest speed for a certain period of time, and then it automatically reduces the speed. This function is useful in the cooking phases where you generate a lot of fumes.

Timer for switching off

When you have finished the cooking, this function allows to have the hood working for a certain period of time to complete eliminate the fumes and the remained odours.

After that period of time the hood switches off in an automatic way.

Interval function (air Exchange)

This function allows to plan the start of the aspiration in automatic way during the day.

This function is useful to guarantee a continuous air exchange. You exclude the function in an automatic way with the normal use of the cooker hood.

Saturation indicator of the filters

The controls is giving automatic advice when it is necessary to do maintenance both of the carbon and the grease filters.

Automatic start with movement

In the hoods with moving parts, the switching on and off of the aspiration can be done in an automatic way opening or closing a small door or taking away a front part according to the type of cooker hood.

All the other functions are anyway still active.

Automatic function

To increase the confort of the end users, the hood is equipped with an automatic device that is setting in an automatic way the speed of the motor according to the intensity of the fires. All the other functions are still possible.

You can disactivate the automatic setting of the controls.

Remote control

It allows to activate all the functions at distance. On some models it is delivered with the hoods, on other models it can be purchased separately.


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